This page describes the idea of the Homescreen.

The Homescreen is the first screen, presented to a user conecting to the myCar webinterface. It should present as much useabel information at a glance.


Following elements are planned for now.

Basically this should inform whether a bluetooth controller is attached and powerd or not. If there are more then one, it will check if one of them is powered up. In case of no powered controller, element will be presented in red.


  • show all controllers including device name and MAC-Address

Quick view regarding the status of the WiFi interface. Including the MAX and the BSSID. The wifi interface usually runs on AP mode. Indicated in green, that the interface is up, in red if its down.

Provides a fast view on GPS. When devices is recognized and booted and the gpsd gets information from GPS device, the indication is green, otherwise red. If gps fix was received, there will be some information regarding fix and Lon / Lat / Height.

Date and time printout from local time. If ntpd gets its time from gps, somehow an idication could be used.

Some systeminformation like CPU cores, speed, type, RAM, SD-storage, etc. pp.

× iphelper toolbox

you see this when javscript or css is not working correct

IP Address:
First usable:
Last usable:
Amount of usable:
Network address:
Reverse address:
Broadcast address:

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