The configuration page implements the main place to configure the system.


The configuration file is divided in sections. This is also represented in the configuration file.

This sections provides some filesystem paths. You can enter them relative or absolut. Relative paths are relative from application root directory.

  • record The path where obd databases are recorded. Should be some permanent storage.
  • app Application root path. This path is used as relative root and should be absolut ideally.
  • log The path where logfiles are stored. Ideally a tmporary storage in RAM

A section for configuring connections to and from the system.

  • bt_dev should point to the OBDII connection. If you're using an ELM327 with Bluetooth it will be mostlikely a /dev/rfcomm device
  • wifi_pwd This system is designed with a wifi hotspot. Here you specify the WPA2 key.
  • gps_dev specifies the GPS source. This is usually some kind of serial device. ttyS0 for example

Controlls the startup behaviour of the system.

  • bt_connect automatically connect to a specified bluetooth device after boot
  • autorecord immediately start recording (start obdgpslogger) after boot. A connection to a OBDII dongle is required.
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