The obdgpslogger uses a sqlite database to store its recorded data. The schema is quite undocumented. I try to do this here on my own.


As you can see here, there are no direct conections between the tables. Its quite flat. Therfor the logi is in the application (somehow).

Spalte Beschreibung unit
tripid incremented trip number integer
start start time unknown timestamp
end end time unknown timestamp
Spalte Beschreibung unit
load_pct Calculated LOAD Value %
temp Engine Coolant Temperature Celsius
rpm Engine RPM rev/min (rpm)
vss vehicle speed sensor km/h
iat Intake Air Temperature Celsius
maf mass air flow sensor g/s
throttlepos Absolute Throttle Position %
time Tiem of dataset unknown timestamp
Spalte Beschreibung unit
lat Latitude
lon Longitude
alt Altitude hight of device
time Tiem of dataset unknown timestamp

SQL Statements

select * FROM obd LEFT JOIN gps ON obd.time=gps.time LEFT JOIN trip ON obd.time>trip.start AND obd.time<trip.end

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