myCar is a collection of different software products with own development work added. In the following overview, not all components are listed, but the main ones which are explicitly configured.

Component overview

Armbian is the OS for this project. Additional software has to be installed to work properly.

The first idea was to use OBDGPSLogger … For now I'm a little bit further. the OBD interface of choice would be: install with PIP<label pip>pyobd</label>

Libraries required for the application server, installed via pip:


Flask is the python application server used for providing the web interface and the API to controll the myCar unit. Documentation for Flask could be found under

Jinja2 Templates

Jinja2 Templates implementing the Webfrontend templating system. Information could be obtained from here: and the integration with flask from here:

pure CSS

Pure CSS is the CSS implementation for responsiveness and style. It is bundled and delivered with the pplication server. Information could be obtained from here:

× iphelper toolbox

you see this when javscript or css is not working correct

IP Address:
First usable:
Last usable:
Amount of usable:
Network address:
Reverse address:
Broadcast address:

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